Anton Paar acquires Quantachrome On February 9, 2018, Anton Paar acquired Quantachrome, a global leader in laboratory material characterization instrumentation for the analysis of porous materials and powders. Under the umbrella of the Anton Paar Group, the company will continue operations in Boynton Beach... more

LabQMC, a part of Quantachrome Instruments, is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. It is equipped with a wide range of the very best instruments for powder and porous material characterization and staffed by a group of expert dedicated scientists with many combined years of characterization experience

LabQMC Science Team

We offer a broad range of measurement services in support of research, production, and quality assurance requirements on materials including:

  • • Battery and Energy Storage Materials

  • • Metal Powders, Oxides, and Alloys

  • • Medical Device Components

  • • Filtration Media

  • • Catalysts

  • • Dental Materials

  • • Ceramics

  • • Polymers

  • • Cements

  • • Shales

  • • Pharmaceuticals

  • • Carbons

  • • Zeolites

  • • Silicas

  • • MOFs

  • • Dozens of other porous materials and powders

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