Q: Do I have to submit an SDS for every sample?
A: The safety of our lab personnel is our #1 priority so an SDS must be supplied for each different substance upon sample submission. Manufactured items that present no health hazard do not need an SDS, but you should indicate this and all safety information as well as recommended PPE requirements on the lab submission form.

Q: How much sample should I submit?

A: For surface area, pore size and volume by gas adsorption, chemisorption (including TPR/TPO/TPD), vapor sorption measurements, and high pressure measurements, we suggest a minimum sample quantity of 2 g. An exception is for surface area and pore size measurements for zeolites, activated carbons, and other high surface area materials, in which case 100 mg should be sufficient.

•We also suggest a minimum of 2 g of sample for mercury porosimetry.

•True and tapped density measurements are best performed with as much material as you can provide, up to 125 mL and 500 mL bulk volume, respectively.

•Particle size analysis in liquid suspension or dry suspension require 1 g and 5 g, respectively.

•Breakthrough measurements require 100 mL of pelletized sample.

•If you can send 2-3 times the indicated amounts, please do so. Unused sample will be returned.

Q: Why do you ask for outgassing temperature?

A: For gas and vapor sorption measurements, in particular, it is essential that the samples be free of adsorbed moisture, not just visibly “dry”. Therefore, we normally outgas the samples by applying heat and vacuum (or purge flow of dry gas, if requested). Problems with sample “damage” can be avoided if you can indicate a safe degassing temperature. If you are in doubt, please contact us to discuss.

Q: Can I send hazardous samples?

A: LabQMC will not accept materials that are radioactive, biohazards, or present hazards for which the laboratory is not equipped.

Q: What is your sample turn-around time?

A: Typical sample turn-around time is 10 business days from receipt of sample and all payment and safety information. Turn-around time increases for large volume orders or for certain analyses that are inherently long (i.e. gravimetric water sorption measurements). For an exact estimate for your sample volume and analysis requirements, please contact the lab.

Q: Is priority analysis available?

A: Priority scheduling is available for many services for an additional fee. Results are emailed by the end of the third working day after receipt of samples and payment information. Please call for availability.

Q: How will results be reported to me?

A: A PDF report of the data and any data reduction will be emailed to you upon completion of analysis of your sample(s). Data can be supplied in a spreadsheet upon request.

Q: Will my samples be returned?

A: Unused portions of your sample(s) will be returned to you approximately 30 days after results are reported. Used portions that can be recovered may be returned or discarded at the discretion of the lab, unless you indicate that you require return of the analyzed (and recoverable) aliquot used.

Samples contaminated with mercury are not able to be returned and will be disposed of appropriately. The disposal fee is included in the analysis price.

A $15 sample return charge will be added to your order or you may provide us with a FedEx/UPS account number to use for the return.

Q: Once I receive the reports, can I speak to someone about the results?

A: Quantachrome’s scientific staff is always available to discuss your results. Please send an email to qmclab@quantachrome.com or call 1-561- 731-4999 and ask to speak to the laboratory.

Q: Do you do method development/special projects?

A: Method development and other special projects should be discussed with the laboratory and may be accepted at the discretion of the lab personnel.

Q: Can you send me a copy of an ASTM method?

A: Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot supply copies of ASTM or other published standards.

Q: Do you sell the instrumentation?

A: If you would like to purchase your own instrumentation, click here.