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Sample Submission

We've made submitting samples a straight forward process, but we'd like to make you aware of some important items. For required paperwork, click on Forms to the right. We require that the correct Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) accompanies all samples submitted, except for manufactured items that present no health hazard. Please note that Quantachrome will not accept for analysis those materials which are radioactive, biohazards or present hazards for which the QCLaboratory is not equipped. You'll be asked to indicate you preferred method of returning your samples to you.

NOTE: Post analysis mercury contaminated samples, (all test codes starting 06005) will be properly disposed of by Quantachrome Instruments, they cannot be returned.

When you send your samples to us, please ensure they are packaged properly and securely. Powders in plastic bags must be individually double-bagged, the outer bag being taped closed. Glass bottles and vials should be protectively wrapped before being placed in a suitable shipping box. Each sample container must be permanently marked/ labelled with unique sample identification that matches the details on the sample submission form. Any health hazard warnings should also be placed on the container(s). Any required MSDS(s) must accompany the sample(s).








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